Nicholas Barter has been principal of the Royal Academy of Dramatic Art since 1993, and has taught theatre extensively. A board member of the of the National Council for Drama Training, he's also served on the Executive Committee of the Conference of Drama Schools, as well as on the Drama Panel, The New Writing in Theatre Committee, and other committees of The Arts Council of Great Britain. He's a fellow of the Royal Society of Arts. He's also a stage director, and the author of Playing with Plays.

An excerpt from Steve Capra's interview with Mr. Barter
in Theater Voices

SC: Can we generalize about the trends in staging in the theatre, today?

NB: No, I think it would be almost more difficult to do it now than at any other time, actually. I think there is more diversity of approach, and also at the same time more different kinds of theatre. The theatre is probably re-evaluating itself.