Quentin Crisp first became known for his autobiographical book The Naked Civil Servant. He wrote several other books, including Quentin Crisp's Book of Quotations: 1,000 Observations on Life and Love, by, for, and about Gay Men and Women and Resident Alien. He wrote and starred in his solo stage piece An Evening with Quentin Crisp, which won a special Drama Desk Award for Unique Theatrical Experience.

Mr. Crisp died in 1999, at the age of 90.

An excerpt from Steve Capra's interview with Mr. Crisp
in Theater Voices

SC: Aside from the message in your play, I'm very interested in knowing how a play works with no plot, no dramatic action. What holds the audience?

QC: Well, I asked Miss Stritch what the business was of controlling your audience, and she said "Don't bother with any of that, honey. Get 'em to like you." And that's what you do. You stand on the stage and you try and get them to like you.