Oskar Eustis has been the artistic director of San Francisco's Eureka Theatre and Los Angeles' Mark Taper Forum. Since 1994, he's been artistic director of Providence's Trinity Repertory Company. He received The Elliot Norton Award for Outstanding Director for his direction of Angels in America, Part I: Millennium Approaches, among other honors. He's work extensively with the National Endowment for the Arts, as chairman of a theater panel, as well as in other capacities.

An excerpt from Steve Capra's interview with Mr. Eustis
in Theater Voices

SC: You said once that the American residential theater movement was modeled on the British theater structure, and you wanted to move away from that. What characteristics of the British theater do you want to move away from?

OE: What I want to move away from is the overt anglophilia of much of American theater. I grew up in Minneapolis, where the Guthrie was the theater of choice. It is no coincidence that the flagship of the American regional theater movement bears the name of a Brit, and was founded by a Brit.