Zerka Moreno worked for many years with her husband, the late Jacob Moreno, in developing psychodrama, and she is the foremost authority in the field. She is a Fellow of The International Society of Group Psychotherapy and Honorary President of the American Society of Group Psychotherapy and Psychodrama; she is known internationally as a teacher, therapist, and lecturer. The several books that she's written or edited include Psychodrama: Action, Theory and Principles and Psychodrama: Foundations of Psychotherapy.

An excerpt from Steve Capra's interview with Ms. Moreno
in Theater Voices

ZM: Peter Lorre always told the story about how Moreno discovered him. He came from Budapest, as an eighteen-year-old, homeless, young man. He'd been kicked out of his father's house.

SC: This was before The Berliner Ensemble, then.

ZM: This was all before everything else! I'm talking about the twenties. And what came out of that! He used to have that mysterious look about him, Peter Lorre. The first movie he ever made for Ufa Film became a world classic - M. It's the story of a child-murderer. He learned that leer in the Theater of Spontaneity. He had no drama training.