Fred Silver is the author of the highly authoritative and successful book Auditioning for the Musical Theatre. He's been in great demand as a musical theatre/cabaret teacher and coach for some time. He's a prolific songwriter; his songs are published in The Fred Silver Songbook and other collections. His musical scores for shows such as In Gay Company have won several ASCAP Awards. For several years, he wrote the Audition Doctor column for New York's Back Stage magazine.

An excerpt from Steve Capra's interview with Mr. Silver
in Theater Voices

SC: Can a musical be as important, be as significant, as a play by Ibsen?

FS: Oh, definitely. What a musical does that a straight play can't is to involve the audience, because you're not a voyeur. You're a participant. When you're doing a play by Ibsen, there's an imaginary fourth wall which the actor cannot play through. The audience, a voyeur, is looking at these actors react to each other as they would in ordinary, everyday life. But in a musical, that fourth wall isn't there. To give you an example: when Robert Preston was doing Music Man...