Hilary Strong was the director of The Edinburgh Fringe festival, the largest arts festival in the world, from 1994 to 1999. She was then appointed executive director of London's Greenwich Theatre. She was for two years on the Board of the National Campaign for the Arts, and in 1998 she was appointed to the Board of the Arts Council of England. She is a stage director and choreographer, and has acted as administrator for The Merlin Arts Center in Somerset and for the Natural Theatre Company.

An excerpt from Steve Capra's interview with Ms. Strong
in Theater Voices

SC: I've found the London fringe to be very conservative, in terms of form, compared to the New York fringe, and I would hope that a place like your festival would nurture new forms and encourage people to take chances.

HS: I think that's absolutely right. It does. It comes down to the fact that it's a completely open festival; absolutely anybody can do a show on the Fringe. There is a cost implication; it doesn't come cheap, but it is within reach. I directed a play on the Fringe in 1990 - now that I'm the Director of the Fringe, I understand what it's like to get through it. If you work it very carefully and you do all the right things, it is possible.